What is Workstation

Workstation is the best and the cheapest printing place in Antibes. It is open to everybody. Whether you stay in the Crew Grapevine, the Glamorgan, Debbie's crewhouse or anywhere else, you are welcome into the Workstation to print your cvs on 100g paper !!
You can also come to use a computer or scan your documents, references, etc.

Workstation is also the place to buy your telephone recharge and store your bag on a daily or monthly basis.
You will be able to check our boards with job offers and even leave your CV in our trays available to people looking for crew.
For our guests, Workstation is the reception where they check-in and check-out, book their transfer to the airport, ... and for these who aren't yet staying with us it is where they can inquire about availabilities in either The Crewhouse or The Townhouse.

Open every day and known as the “Office”, Workstation is the place where Crewhouse and Townhouse residents are able to:

  • Check-in and out.
  • Use desktop computers.
  • Print and scan.
  • Store bags
  • Buy telephone recharge.
  • Check the job offers.
  • Book bus service/transfer to the airport.
  • Receive mail.
  • Leave their CV’s available for viewing by yachts.