Bag Storage Is available to anybody on a daily basis even for one day. For storage up to 3 days, your baggage will be stored at the Workstation office.

Over 3 days, it will be stored in a secure locked up and 24hrs notice of collection is required.


Per day

1€ (overnight counts as 2 days)

1 month


Up to 3 months


Up to 6 months


Up to 12 months


  • Storage must be paid in advance.
  • To take advantage of the reduced rates, the relevant storage period must be paid, in full, in advance.
  • There is no maximum storage period if we continue to receive, in advance, your monthly payment.
  • Credit card details must be provided.

Change of plans

If your plans change and you need to collect your bags early, we simply need 24hrs notice.

Refunds are not given of less than 1 month.

Refunds for storage over 1 month are available and will be calculated on a monthly basis at the relevant monthly rate. Part of a month will not be refunded.

If you need to store your bags for a longer period of time, you only need to inform us of your new requirements so you can take advantage of the reduced rates.

If your storage period expires and, with no contact from yourself, monthly payments will be charged to your credit card until such time as you notify us of your requirements.

Collection or Forwarding

Collection can only be made during office hours.

You have to collect the bag personally or, if you wish someone to collect on your behalf, notify us in writing. No bags will be released without payment in full.

Your bags can be forwarded which we can organise with a recognised carrier e.g. DHL, UPS, Fed Ex. etc. All costs to your account plus a 20€ surcharge. Nothing will be booked or charged before we have your written agreement.

We accept no responsibility for any damage during transit.

Any bag storage remaining unpaid for a period of 60 days will be disposed of.